From the Founders

Chairman & CEO Mike Howard and President Brad Bynum

When we decided to form Howard Energy Partners in 2011, we sought advice from numerous people we trusted and admired. One consistent message we received was “choose your partners wisely; it’s the most important decision you will make.” It was clear from the beginning that as founders we shared the same vision, values and guiding principles, but our partnership was just the first of many that make up the fabric of Howard Energy Partners.

One aspect that sets Howard Energy Partners apart is that we are financially partnered with Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCO) and Alinda Capital Partners – not traditional midstream private equity firms. Our financial partners are focused on sustainable value creation which allows us to have a more expansive and long-term vision. Similarly, our unique ownership structure allows us to be innovative; we are not “inside the box” thinkers. We are problem solvers. We strive to utilize our broad expertise to develop custom, creative solutions for our customers. As a full-service midstream provider, it is our philosophy that if we touch the hydrocarbon molecule in as many ways as possible, we can better meet our customers’ needs while delivering repeatable cash flow to our investors.

We do this by recruiting and retaining top talent. We fill our shop with the brightest minds in the business. We have vast experience in every aspect of midstream including geology and geophysics, engineering, operations, GIS/mapping, environment and safety, mergers and acquisitions, and business development; all key functions for long term stability and organic growth.

It is no secret that the only thing that differentiates one midstream company from another is relationships. Our goal is to be the best midstream partner in the industry. That means that we develop a deep understanding of our customers’ core business objectives and work alongside our customers to achieve them. We believe that if we do that, the rest will follow.