Live Oak Stabilizer

Howard Energy Partners recently completed the Live Oak Stabilizer, its new off-spec liquids stabilizer facility near Three Rivers, Texas. The Live Oak Stabilizer has a current capacity of 15,000 barrels per day and provides a firm, field-level sales point and processing outlet for both on-spec and off-spec liquids. The facility can separate the off-spec liquids into three separate, marketable products - condensate with a Reid vapor pressure of 9-11 pounds per square inch, y-grade natural gas liquids (NGLs) and rich gas.

The Live Oak Stabilizer receives incoming liquids with a vapor pressure up to 205 pounds per square inch via a truck terminal with direct access off of Highway 281. The terminal features four unloading truck bays that can accommodate the unloading of up to 90 trucks per day and two outbound truck bays that can accommodate up to 30 outbound trucks per day. The facility features multiple outlet options, including access to pipeline connections for the y-grade NGLs and rich gas, as well as pipelines and truck access for the produced condensate.

Additionally, the facility is located adjacent to HEP’s Live Oak Rail Park, which provides many potential opportunities including receiving incoming liquids via rail, blending produced condensate with other crude products, and shipping produced condensate via rail to other markets.

For more information on the Live Oak Stabilizer, contact William “Bill” Brogan at (713) 800-1500.