Corpus Christi Terminal

HEP recently completed initial construction of a new terminal on a 41-acre site located in the Port of Corpus Christi, Texas. The facility, constructed in 3 phases, will have approximately 2.6 million barrels of storage capacity when construction is completed. Phase I of the project includes the construction of 6 x 80,000 barrel tanks, a unit-train loading rack and connection to a public dock capable of handling Inland barges or deepwater vessels. Phase II, which has already been permitted, is for the construction of 7 x 120,000 barrel tanks. We are proceeding with the engineering and permitting for the construction of a Suezmax class dock, for which construction would commence in 24 – 36 months. The facility will serve as an origination and destination for several pipeline projects which have been announced by HEP and other third parties.

The terminal is being engineered and constructed to efficiently handle a variety of bulk liquids including refined motor fuels, crude oil, and condensate. The facilities have been designed to meet customer-driven performance standards, where we provide not only storage but solutions for specific requirements.


  • Phase 1 – six 80,000 bbl tanks
  • Phase 2 – seven 120,000 bbl tanks
  • Phase 3 – five 250,000 bbl tanks


  • 20 Loading / Unloading Positions (under construction – Phase I)
  • Unit-Train capacity for up to on unit train
  • Served by the Genesse & Wyoming Railroad with access to Union Pacific, Kansas City Southern, and BNSF railroads


    • 42’ Draft
    • 725’ LOA x 106’ BEAM
  • Marine loading rates of up to 20,000 barrels per hour
  • SUEZMAX Class Dock (FUTURE)
    • 42’ Draft
    • 1000’ LOA x 254’ BEAM
    • 3 x 30” pipelines
    • Marine loading rates of up to 55,000 barrels per hour
    • Marine Vapor Control System