1293 Miles

Miles of pipeline in the U.S. and Mexico

355 K

Dedicated Acres

3.7 Bcf/d

Pipeline Throughput Capacity

243 K

Compression Horsepower

600 MMCF/D

Cryogenic Processing Capacity

181 K BBL/D

Rail Capacity

720 K BBLS/D

Deepwater Dock Throughput Capacity

142 MMCF/D

Off-gas Processing Capacity

28 K BBL/D

Fractionation Capacity


Storage Capacity


Howard Energy Partners provides its customers with an integrated platform of midstream infrastructures and services from wellhead to market. We take great pride in providing high-quality, timely and reliable services in a safe and environmentally friendly way. We also understand the challenges our customers face and remain committed to meeting their needs and creating value for our partners.

Port Arthur

Port Arthur is one of the most strategically located facilities near one of the busiest refining locations in North America. We have developed and expanded our midstream infrastructure at this location to efficiently handle a variety of bulk liquids, including refined fuels, renewable diesel, crude oil, and condensate. Today, this first-of-its-kind, state-of-the-art facility has deepwater access and serves some of the largest energy companies in the world. We have 1.4 million barrels of storage, capable of loading custom blend products onto outgoing AfraMax ships, as well as the capability to load one unit train per day with refined products being shipped to Mexico.


In October 2022, we expanded our Port Arthur facility to support local renewable diesel production, a fuel that is integral as we continue to find ways to help reduce carbon emissions. The expansion added 575 thousand barrels of storage and 51 thousand barrels per day of rail capacity with the ability to service unit trains and manifest service from two railroads, and pipeline connectivity to local refiners and major refined product distribution hubs.  Future expansion will result in a total of three large barge docks and two ship docks. Our goal is to help bring sustainable, clean-burning fuel to market as the demand for renewable diesel continues to strengthen.



Live Oak Stabilizer

The Live Oak Stabilizer, located in the heart of the Eagle Ford Shale, is a 15,000 barrel-per-day facility that provides a firm, field-level sales point and processing outlet for both on-spec and off-spec hydrocarbon liquids. Until its completion, the nearest available facility for oil and gas operators to dispose of these liquids was over 400 miles away via heavy truck transport. Our team thought outside the box and was able to build a one-of-a-kind facility that transforms a waste stream into three separate marketable products – condensate, y-grade natural gas liquids and rich gas, saving approximately 1.6 million gallons of diesel per year. The Live Oak Stabilizer not only unlocked hidden value for our customers, but also reduced 15.6 million truck miles per year across Texas highways.

Nueva Era

The approximately 200-mile Nueva Era pipeline, a joint venture between Howard Energy Partners and Mexico-based Grupo Clisa, is the first cross-border pipeline that directly links South Texas natural gas production to end-users in and around Monterrey, Mexico. Today, the Nueva Era pipeline provides a reliable supply of low-cost natural gas to the rapidly growing industrial sector of northern Mexico, displacing between 8.7 and 11.9 million metric tons of CO2e per year while simultaneously providing a whole new market outlet for natural gas producers in South Texas. Increasing the exportation of natural gas to Mexico provides a cleaner and cheaper fuel alternative and is a significant and positive factor in helping solve the socioeconomic issues that impact the region.

West Texas

The Delaware Basin is one of the most sought-after and competitive oil and gas producing regions in the country. We are proud to have been chosen by Devon Energy as their premier midstream partner, to jointly develop natural gas treating, processing, and gathering infrastructure in the region. Since the Delaware basin produces primarily crude oil, natural gas is often a byproduct that is flared. Today, 0ur Stateline Plant processes over 400 million cubic feet of natural gas per day at our facility and 2.33 million gallons per day of natural gas liquids (NGL’s), that will be turned into thousands of useful everyday products. Current construction will increase that capacity to 600 million cubic feet per day of natural gas processing. Pipelines and cryogenic processing plants, like we have built in this area, reduce flaring in the area and turns an otherwise waste gas stream into economically viable product streams of natural gas and natural gas liquids.

Javelina Off-Gas Recycling Facility

Built originally by a consortium of local refiners to upgrade emissions streams that were being flared or vented to the atmosphere, Javelina continues to serve a vital role in improving air quality in the Corpus Christi area and returning value to its refinery customers.  With CO2 treating, cryogenic gas processing, fractionation, and hydrogen production, Javelina stands as a unique example of technological innovation and industry collaboration.  Starting in Jan of 2023, a strategic technology partner will begin producing a low-carbon diesel substitute using Javelina’s hydrogen and CO2 as feedstocks, in the process reducing Javelina’s CO2 intensity and making it one of the first merchant “clean” hydrogen facilities on the US Gulf Coast.  HEP is also pursuing carbon capture and sequestration opportunities with its Javelina assets through a joint venture with TALOS Energy and the Port of Corpus Christi.

Our History


  • Acquisition of additional natural gas gathering assets located in Webb County in the Eagle Ford Shale
  • GE Oil and Gas joins as a capital provider


  • Completion of the Reveille natural gas plant and other associated NGL transportation infrastructure in south Texas
  • Alinda Capital Partners replaces GE Oil and Gas and Quanta Services as new capital provider


  • Completion of the Brownsville bulk liquids terminal and the Live Oak Stabilizer in south Texas


  • Entrance into the Marcellus Shale through the acquisition of natural gas gathering assets
  • Acquisition of a majority interest in the Port Arthur bulk liquids terminal
  • Formation of the Nueva Era Joint Venture with Grupo CLISA


  • Expansion of the Brownsville bulk liquids terminal to handle fuel oil
  • AIMCO buys EnLink Midstream’s (formerly Crosstex) position in HEP


  • Entrance into the Delaware Basin through a joint venture with WPX Energy; capital providers are Alinda, AIMCO and GIC
  • Expansion of Marcellus Shale gathering system


  • Completion of the Corpus Christi bulk liquids terminal
  • Completion of the Nueva Era Pipeline, the first cross-border pipeline directly connecting South Texas production to major Mexican industrial hubs
  • Completion of a 200 MMcf/d gas processing plant to support our Delaware Basin assets


  • Major expansion of the Port Arthur bulk liquids terminal, including a deep-water dock
  • Completion of a second 200 MMcf/d gas processing plant in the Delaware Basin
  • Formation of Dos Caminos JV with NextEra, to support growth in South Texas
  • Development of grassroots natural gas gathering assets in Oklahoma to serve the development of the STACK formation


  • Expansion of natural gas gathering assets in Oklahoma


  • Announced significant expansion to the Port Arthur facility to support Diamond Green Diesel’s 470 million gallon per year renewable diesel production facility at Valero’s Port Arthur refinery. HEP’s Port Arthur facility provides logistics solutions for renewable diesel feedstock and finished product through 1.9 million barrels of refined product storage, 16 miles of rail track with unit train and manifest service for two railroads, three large barge docks, two ship docks, and pipeline connectivity to local refiners and major refined product distribution hubs.
  • Acquisition of the Javelina facility in Corpus Christi processing off-gas from all six Corpus Christi refineries
  • Sold the bulk liquids and fuel oil terminals in Brownsville
  • Entered into agreement with a strategic technology partner to provide blue hydrogen and CO2 from the Javelina plant to produce ultra-low carbon fuels
  • HEP named Most Improved Infrastructure Asset by GRESB – an industry led organization providing standardized and validated ESG data to financial markets
  • HEP closed on $400 million of unsecured debt and extended its $1 billion revolving credit facility


  • Expanded HEP Oklahoma Gather through the acquisition of EnCap Flatrock’s Tall Oak assets
  • HEP awarded 5-star ESG rating and ranked in the top 10% of all participating private companies by GRESB, a global industry benchmark in sustainability.  HEP was also named Most Improved Infrastructure Asset for the second year in a row.
  • HEP expansion of Port Arthur Omniport facility providing logistics for Diamond Green Diesel’s renewable diesel facility
  • AIMCo buys Astatine Investment Partners (formerly Alinda) position in HEP making it an 87% owner in the company