Growth Oriented.

Purpose Driven.

We are more than just a midstream energy company.

Howard Energy Partners is a diversified, growth-oriented energy company focused on providing innovative midstream solutions for our customers.

We strongly believe that integrity and great teamwork are as important as the diversity of the assets we operate across the United States and Mexico. Our focus is on embracing change and growing together as people and leaders while working towards a common goal – to provide abundant, clean, low cost, reliable energy that powers communities and businesses and helps improve people’s quality of life. This is our purpose. This is our meaningful endeavor.

Our Core Values

  • Stand Together
  • The Next Right Thing
  • Stay Safe
  • Embrace Change
  • Create Lasting Value

Purpose driven growth

From our unique capital structure, to completing the first cross-border pipeline that directly connects south Texas production to major industrial hubs in Mexico, to our state-of-the-art port facilities across the Texas Gulf Coast, we are always thinking outside the box and never satisfied with the status quo.

All of our projects start with one simple question – why? We have never been interested in growth for growth’s sake.

Since the formation of Howard Energy Partners, our strategy has been to build a diversified, sustainable midstream company through organic growth and acquisitions with a focus on long-term value creation.

Positive Energy

What is the key to raising people out of poverty and helping make the world a better place to live?
Access to Energy!

Join us on our journey as we grow and learn more about how fossil fuels are helping the world get better every day.